A Party Game

Where you try to get your friends cancelled!

A game of strategy and trying to avoid the mob. Great for game nights or as a hilarious gift!

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How It Works

About Cancelled Club

Look, we all love our friends. That doesn’t mean that
getting them cancelled from time to time can't be extremely satisfying.

You know what I’m talking about – in good fun!

Cancelled Club is a Party Game where you try to get your
friends cancelled!

Battle it out for social credit points as fast as you
can by gaslighting your friends, looting and rioting, and being an all-powerful, little,
social justice warrior. Well, unless your friends call conspiracy theory or
defame you first – you old, racist, bigot!

You might even learn a thing or two about your friends. Like
when they mob up against you. Can you feel the love?

A parody on all things cancel culture. Join the Cancelled
Club today! Don’t be a Karen. Come on, get your copy now. It’s the dominant way
to virtue signal. See you at the adult’s table.

For even more laughs, get a second game free when you sign up for the email
list at the bottom of this page. Politically Incorrect – A Very Adult
Charades Game.

How To Play

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