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Where you try to get your friends cancelled! A great White Elephant gift for the holidays!

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About Cancelled Club

Ahhh, social media. My inspiration. With themes that constantly permeate my feed like a new celebrity being “Cancelled,” another “Karen” going off at someone, another news story that turns out to be not so accurate (“Fake News”), Social Justice Warriors all over the comments Gaslighting, Virtue Signaling, and Morally Posturing themselves over strangers… How could I not
make fun of all of it? This is Cancelled Club.

My mission is to help encourage and entertain in-person gatherings and provide more laughs as opposed to more arguments. Within the game, there is no political commentary or taking of sides. The game is a spoof on current culture, not a stance on political affiliation. As is in Cancel Culture, no one
is safe.

This fast-paced and exciting game will keep all players on
their toes from start to finish. Players battle it out using offensive cards like Social Justice Warrior or Gaslight to steal cards from other players.
Defensive cards like Conspiracy Theory or Defamation are used to protect your cards from others trying to steal them. Orange cards mess with the deck – Karen causes a storm and shuffles it, F.O.I.A allows you to look at the deck to see
if the Cancelled card is coming up, and Moral Posturing allows you to take extra cards. The only card you’ll want to avoid besides the Cancelled card is Toxic Masculinity. It has no action or value, because, well, you know…

For even more laughs, get a second game free when you sign up for the email list at the bottom of this page. Politically Incorrect – A Very Adult
Charades Game.

Thanks for visiting my site, and don’t forget to get your family Cancelled this holiday season.

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